A Blueprint for Effective Workplace Leadership
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A Blueprint for Effective Workplace Leadership

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Course Overview


Course Duration

1 Hour

This course provides a two step process to improve leadership skills



In completion of this course you will receive a certificate


Lifetime access

This course has life time access

The importance score that employers attribute to candidates with leadership skills

The percentage of executives who report that strong leadership behaviour is critical to achieving future preparedness in business.

Duration: 1 Hour  

Learn the fundamentals of effective leadership in the workplace.

Who will benefit from this course?

An Effective Workplace Leadership short course can be particularly beneficial for individuals in various roles and positions within an organization, as well as for the organization as a whole. Here are some specific groups of people who can benefit from such a course:

    1. Managers and Supervisors
    2. Team Leaders
    3. Human Resources Professionals
    4. Newly Promoted Leaders
    5. Individual Contributors
    6. Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.
    7. Organizational Development Professionals
    8. Nonprofit Leaders
    9. Educational Administrators
    10. Healthcare Administrators
    11. Government and Public Sector Employees
    12. Project Managers
    13. Professionals Seeking Career Advancement 

Skills you will learn

 Basics of leadership & team development
 Strategic decision making & negotiation skills
 Essentials of project and time management

This is a short course in Effective Leadership

This is a self paced course

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